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Topic: Giga 2.5 update not for Giga 160?

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    Giga 2.5 update not for Giga 160?

    When I go to the nemesysmusic.com website to get the 2.5 update, I put in my cd key and last 4 numbers of reg code and my name. It then takes me to the page to install the update for 2.5. Weird thing is the only updates on that page are for Giga 96 and when I tried to install the update it said \'you have a different version of Giga then this update and it will not work\' (which is obvious since i have Giga 160).
    My Giga 160 update CD I bought (which i updated from 96) has a new CD key on the CD cover. I tried that one also but I got a \'wrong CD key\' message.

    How do i get the update for Giga 160?



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    Re: Giga 2.5 update not for Giga 160?

    Is it a recently bought cd? if so, it might already be 2.5, right?


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    Re: Giga 2.5 update not for Giga 160?

    call Tascam, they\'ll have to sort it out if you\'re getting a \"wrong cd key\" issue.

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