I\'ve just become aware that my giga-dedicated Soundchaser PC is doing a perpetual device install. Whenever I click on add hardware in the control panel, I get a message indicating a prior install is already underway. Does anyone know what is going on here? This is even after a restore to its original settings etc from Soundchaser.

I\'m thinking this could be why I lose midi in Giga frequently, forcing me to reset the midi drivers constantly.

How can I make it stop??!

The system:
AMD Palomino 1800+ processor
1024 meg PC-2100 RAM
ASUS A7N-266-VM Micro ATX Format
Maxtor 20 gig boot drive
Seagate 80 gig audio drive
Sony 52x cd rom drive
Dakota and Montana cards
Egosys 4140 (I know, I know)
XP home