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Topic: MSG32

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    I know this has been discussed already , but this error happens to me every time I hit 53% on the memory meter on Gigastudio .I have 1 gig of RAM and a pentium 4 running at 2.5 ghz .
    Does anybody know a way around this problem that they could convey in none computer wizard speak

    The error reads:
    MSG32 caused an invalid page fault in module KERNEL32.DLL at 017:bff7d76b
    I`m using the latest Giga download as well (2.53)

    thanks in advance

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    Re: MSG32

    First test your RAM, no sense mucking around with other things if you have bad ram.


    good luck!

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    Re: MSG32

    Whats your operating system?

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    Re: MSG32

    my operating system is win98/se . I have just been told by the shop that put the pc together that win98 is only capable of reading one 512mb RAM chip , and thats why its crashing every time I reach 53% RAM useage on Giga , because it will not recognise the second 512mb RAM chip .
    Does this sound feasable ? I thought that if win98 could only read one RAM chip, then that 1 chips memory would be the whole 100% useage on the Giga monitor ?

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    Re: MSG32

    HELP!!! I am also having exactly the same problem with a very similar system. I just upgraded my Win98SE box to a new motherboard with 1 GB of RAM. When I hit 40% I get the same message. I have tried eliminating all sorts of drivers.....nothing helped. Has anyone found a solution to this problem.

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    Re: MSG32

    Are you using a sequencer on the same computer? If so, what are you using?

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    Re: MSG32

    I am using 98SE with 1GB RAM on 800MHz P3. I often use well over 60 percent RAM according to the GigaStudio meter. The machine, however, is dedicated to Giga -- sequencer runs on a MAC. I had trouble with Giga until I upgraded to the latest BIOS and drivers for the sound and video cards. I also turned off USB at the CMOS setup level. With USB on, I did not get 160 voices. USB off, I hit 160 without glitch (most of the time).


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    Re: MSG32

    My giga system is dedicated .Its a p4 2.5 ghz , two hard drives 30gig and 120gig and 1 gig of RAM.
    How do you get 60% though ? This machine is being used for the new Vienna Orch Library and the samples are BIG .im fitting around 16 instruments on the machine before hitting the dreaded 53% crash point .An extra 7% cant hurt [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
    This is new system so i would have imagined the drivers are new ? Im also using USB Midiman 4x4 , and the delta $/10 soundcard .
    Any info is always welcome


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    Re: MSG32

    OK! After researching the begeebers out of this I finally found a solution. According to the microsoft support website there are major issues with running more that 512MB of ram with Win98. It has to do with the vcache size. What we are seeing with an invalid page fault is Windows writing all over itself. To solve the problem I have done two things. The first is absolutely necessar....the 2nd may or may not help.
    1) I set the vcache settings in system.ini MaxCachesize (and in my case MinCachesize) to 512MB. This is as large as it can be and also keeps Windows from writing all over itself. The rest of memory is still available, it just can\'t be cached by Windows. There is a bulletin from Microsoft on doing this. I just don\'t have it here at the location I am writing this email from.

    2) I also went into performance on the Control Panel/System and set virtual memory to manual (as opposed to letting windows do it). I then set the swap file at 2 GB so it would not run out of swap. The other advanctage of this is that you can set the swap file to reside on a disk other that your system disk (i.e. faster with more disk space).

    I am now at 60% and climbing. Have not had a chance yet to load it up beyond that point to see where it breaks

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    Re: MSG32

    UGH!! Looks like I spoke too soon! Last night was a fluke. With 512MB SIMMS Win98SE Blowsup at 53-54% utilization regardless of what you do. Windows XP here I come!!

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