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Topic: Let's make a .gig file. (Help needed!)

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    Let\'s make a .gig file. (Help needed!)

    I\'ve never read the manual, never purchased the GS video manual, sorry. But I was hoping someone could post a step by step reply how to make this generic .gig file. Plus it may be helpful to others as well.

    Let\'s say you have 13 samples (complete octave) and you want to map them starting at middle c on the keyboard. The samples are named as followed:

    sample1.wav,sample2.wav, up to sample13.wav

    Could someone please post step by step directions how to create this .gig file?

    And on a more advanced subject, how about creating a similar gig, but this time each note has 4 velocity levels. We again want to create an octave but with 4 velocities in each note. So the samples are named as follows:

    sample1-1.wav, sample1-2.wav, sample1-3.wav, sample1-4.wav, etc, etc, up to sample13-4.wav.

    If anyone can reply with easy step by step instructions that would be great. Thanks...

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    Re: Let\'s make a .gig file. (Help needed!)

    Not too hard at all....You must select \'merge\' from the drop down list under \'file\', this will import another giga instrument presumably created previously from your other velocity layer, then you must select the two presets together, right clicking, and selecting \'combine\'. This will bring up a box asking which layer is the loudest, etc. You move the loud layer to the top with the arrow buttons, and then proceed through the remaining pages. This will then create yet another preset which has two velocity layers. You can then keep going if needed, merging the other velocity presets you create previously, with your new combined preset. When your finished, you can delete the uneeded presets by right-clicking them and selecting \'delete\'. There is undoubtedly another method and procedure for doing the same thing, but this works for me and is reasonably fast.

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    Re: Let\'s make a .gig file. (Help needed!)

    Update: I was able to \"easily\" create the first single velocity version with no problems. With the automatic mapping facility using \"sample1_C4.wav\" naming function, this was a breeze. Still confused about the multi velocity versions though. Thanks for any help, anyone offers. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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