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Hello everybody,

This thread continues on a earlier thread I posted a few weeks ago.
I'm discovering the possibilities of combining different orchestral libraries instead of sticking to just one.
I'm currently working with the Miroslav Strings, GOS and GPO, which all have their pro's and con's!
I was wondering how you guys and gals deal with combining different libraries, as most libraries have different recording positions e.g. the Miroslav Strings are more widely panned than the GOS, which are more in the middle.
Do you use pan, EQ and stuff like that to compensate this, or are there other tricks that might be handy to know??
Yesterday, I tried combining the Miroslav long bows with GOS short bows (I think I took the best out of each library), and it was not too bad actually. In fact, I'd like to post it here so you could here it. How do I do this???
Anyway, hope you can help me!!!

Kind regards,