I've just read a thread on creating Keyswitch instruments in Kontakt somewhere else on this site.
Everything seems to work. I have loaded 14 violin Instruments in one Kontakt player, all addressing to the same midi-channel, in this case 1.
I've tried this with only 4 instruments and it works. I've copied all the different zones of an instrument in e.g. group 1 in the 'mapping editor'. I've then added 3 new groups, because I only had 11 (in this instrument, there were 11 zones. This apparently calls for 11 groups as well???!!!).
Then I assigned the C-0 midi note to that group with the 'on key' command, and C#0-C#1 chromaticly to groups 2-14, which have no zones and therefore should be quite.
Instrument 2 is triggered in the same way, but the instrument then sounds when I'd press the C#0 key. And so on...
The problem now is that, whilst assigning the keyswitches to the 14 different Instruments by using the 'on key' command, after about 9 groups (═'ve created 14 groups in the mapping editor) it keeps on using the same note.
It seems as if some groups are linked to each other. I've disabled the 'edit all' button, and I've even renamed the new groups that I've made so that it numbers up to #14 and has the same name-layout.
Are you still with me? It's so hard to describe...
Each keyswitch turns on 1 instrument and turns off the other 13 instruments. That's the idea. But I've got problems assigning 14 keyswitches... I want them from C0-C#1. Is there a limited amount of keyswitches one can create in Kontakt???
I hope someone can help me.