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Topic: Into The West

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    Into The West

    Hey guys,

    Well...aparently the LOTR mock-ups are getting old....so to end my run of them, i figured id finish off the way the trilogy ended off...With into the West.

    100% GPO


    I hope I get comments on this one..

    ~Sam Ferrara~

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    Re: Into The West


    Very nice work. Very musical.

    The oboe sounds great in the mid register, but I'm not sold on the upper register samples. That is an oboe playing the melody at 1:32 aprox.? Is there perhaps a flute doubling?

    In any event, the overall impact of the piece is terrific. Great job with the strings.

    Paul McGraw

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    Re: Into The West


    I'm so impressed you're so young and putting out such good work. Paul has a good point about the oboe. Try an English Horn and see how that sounds (even if you have to shift an octave lower).

    Keep up the great work. Don't let anyone discourage you either because of your age or your tools. You have the potential to do great things.

    Gary Garritan

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