SCARBEE D6-C is a faithfull reproduction of the classic Hohner® Clavinet D6, recreating not only the funkyl sound but also the feel of the \"real\" instrument and thereby continuing the new Vintage Keyboard product line that was started with the release of the R.S.P. \'73 (Rhodes® Stage Piano MK1 ‘73) and W.E.P. (Wurlitzer® 200A)
Originally we were set to sample the later “road model” E7 because of it’s better shielding and better condition, but after thorough testing against three different D6’s (to be sure!) we realized that the sound of the D6 was much better! The sound of the E7 lacked the aggressive and funky sound of the D6 – both due to a slightly different preamp – but also because of the aluminium case and general design.
The woody case of D6 simple gave us the “right” sound and by consultion some of the worlds best clavinet players we learned that this model was the way to go.
Each of the 60 keys of the Clavinet D6® have been sampled in 16 different sustained velocities - both the sustained and the release sound for a total of 1920 samples. Furthernore we have invented a totally new sampling and programming technique that allows us to get even closer to the magic of the original instruments sound and action.
All four basic sounds: Upper pickup, Lower pickup, Both pickups and Both pickups phase revert has been sampled – plus a special muted version of “Both Pickups” for a total of 9600 samples!
SCARBEE D6-C will ship in a 24 bit Giga 3.0 version and in a MULTI format version containing a 24 bit native Halion, EXS24 mk II, Kontakt and Kompakt versions and will be available in May/June 2004 for MSRP $199.00

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