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Topic: Some orchestrations test

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    Some orchestrations test


    I got a small freelance gig, I'll do short looping menu music for some interactive DVD games for children, based on Disney licenses. Here are 2 short tests I've done with GPO (of course ). One is rather cartoony, trying to get a subtly cartoonish sound. In the other (princess), I'm trying to get this typical "grand romantic waltz" sound, for now I'm just using the strings and the woodwinds. Here's where I am now.
    I'll add some subtle harp motives I think, and maybe some bells or celesta.

    Songs submitted for constructive comments and advice. Thanks.

    http://traven.planet-d.net/Princess_Menu.mp3 <- NEW VERSION, POST EDITED ON Dec 23th


    Patches used for princess !
    Double basse pizzi, //celli lush + viola lush + violins 2 lush + violins 1 lush// Oboe players 1 + 2 // clarinet players 1 +2 +3 // Alto flute players 1+2+3

    News & Music here.

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    I cannot find any links in your post above or at your website.

    Please help us nearly blind music lovers ...

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    Re: Some orchestrations test


    You certain got my interest. No links though. We all want to give our advice and comments.

    Congratulations on getting the gig!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    I really should'nt go to bed this late

    (links added in first post)
    News & Music here.

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    "Winnie" is awesome! Uh, hope that helps.

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    very nice Nino!

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    Both compositions are quite good and very appropriate for the subject matter. The Winnie is fun and the round-robin orchetration is lively and interesting. The Princess waltz is perfect for the subject and looks to bloom into something quite beautiful (but I could not hear the accompaniment). So you are definitely on the right track.


    PS But the performances were poor, that comes later?

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    Well Ninja, I thought that they were both very good indeed and very realistically produced. I loved the waltz and hope that you post again when you've added the frills. Damn authentic sounding and well produced to these ears......


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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    ...haha...these people that post humble "tests". I knew that it would be great. I love that princess theme. also the technical realisation /room accoustix/dynamix are felicitous.

    please post more of such stuff.

    what about the midid file for the princess theme? would like to see that.

    thanks for posting.

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    Re: Some orchestrations test

    It's nice to hear some work in progress.

    I particularly enjoyed the winne theme - don't be afraid to throw in lots of surprises if your aiming for a fun cartoon style. The waltz probably needs to evolve more organically.

    Looking foward to hearing to full versions.
    As in music - so in life!

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