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Topic: Quicksound not indexing .gsp on mapped drive

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    Quicksound not indexing .gsp on mapped drive

    I like to keep a .gsp file for a project on my network drive, which is a freebsd samba server (I don\'t think that is part of the problem).

    I can\'t get GSt to index the mapped network drive, though I did recently have the .gsp files on the network in the index and working fine. The files are still there and I can open them fine, I just can\'t get them indexed and GSt won\'t even let me browse the mapped drive in the quicksound area (although it did in the recent past).

    Is there a trick to making this work? I couldn\'t make this work before, then it started working for some reason (I don\'t recall having anything to do with it, I forget though when problems go away...) and now I can\'t make it work despite my best efforts.


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    Re: Quicksound not indexing .gsp on mapped drive

    Hmm, after a few days of struggling with this to no avail, today I mistyped my network password and when I re-entered it, GSt indexed my mapped drive. Very weird, I\'ve been typing it correctly the whole time since I _have_ been fetching .gsp files off the network with GSt, from the open panel or recent files.

    Nothing in my setup has changed during this time.

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