I\'ve been hangin\' here around from winter 2000 and
I have had Gigastudio 96 from summer 2000 (yes, from the start!)
so I am not newbie and know my Giga from head to toe,
we are very good friends but definitely not have been easy relationship
all the time. With my new Athlon XP2000+ and Win XPHome system
Gigastudio works admirable well, never been so good and have not
yet crashed with Win XP! But what the heck is with GSEdit, it\'s
crashing too often, very very often!! If I\'m trying to save file it will crash
presumably and If just want to edit some gigafile and push edit button
very often it crashes!!!

So Giga is good, but GSEdit not!
Hope they really fix it soon!
And of course waiting for 3.0 to come soon!!

By the way, I have heard and read that Gigastudio is CPU hog, but
definitely that\'s wrong! I can easily get 40-50 voices with CPU only in 10-15% with
NFX reverb!!!