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Topic: First semester of college is over!

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    First semester of college is over!

    Finally! Now just seven more to go!

    What's good about college:

    -other people clean the buildings and dishes and prepare your food
    -a nice big library with countless books, and even Christopher Duncan's book!
    -a lot of free time (much more than evil high school)
    -a nice fast internet connection
    -a nice long gap between first and second semester

    What's bad about college:

    -public bathrooms aren't always pretty
    -my room-mate is a great person, but I liked having my own room
    -some professors are just too boring
    -homework is never fun
    -exams are evil
    -it costs way too much

    But now the first semester is over! In a few moments I will pack up my stuff, including my computer, and will head home for about a month. Probably won't make the chat today. Also, when I get home, it will be back to the good old dial-up modem, so I won't be able to do a whole bunch of downloading either. But I'll have lots of time to write music! As long as my parents don't make me go to work . . . . (and they might very well)

    Sean Patrick Hannifin
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    Sean, all I have to say is stay in school and see it threw! Knowledge is the way to a better life! Hope you did well this semester and wish you all the luck in the world for a brighter future in your favor.
    Now get your Jazz home and make some music! As for your parents, remember you may be one some day…

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    Re: First semester of college is over!

    Done already? Lucky, I still have two finals today (sight-singing & ear training, and my corporate finance class)... Just wait a couple semesters, the work will get so hard you'll wish you were back in high school. And then you'll think about it for a couple seconds and decide that you were wrong and that college is much better than high school, much better than working too..... Ahh, enough chatter, much study....stupid finals....

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    Re: First semester of college is over!


    You made it! Your list brought back memories. Luckily it doesn't sound like you had the roomate from hell . The first semester is always the toughest and it gets better and better. Best of luck for the next semesters.

    Tim - Good luck with your exams! A

    Wishing both of you a wonderful holiday and well-deserved rest from school.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: First semester of college is over!

    Thanks for the good wishes Gary, think they helped a lot! Now the break is here and I can focus on rest, relaxation, and of course composing. Lets see if I can whip up one of these songs I've been working on before christmas. That would be a treat. (Well for me at least, hopefully for you all too!)

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