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Topic: GSIF drivers for SBlive and XP

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    GSIF drivers for SBlive and XP

    There are no Gsif Xp drivers for the SBlive but there is still hope.
    the KX project (http://kxproject.spb.ru/index.php?skip=1) have already made great ASIO and WDM drivers for SBlive, now they want to add GSIF functionalities for XP.

    Nemesys told them few month ago they would provide SDK and source code for GSIF... but still nothing.

    let\'s write nemesys and let them know that we, Gigastudio users, would like to have Gsif drivers for sblive and XP and that they should help the KX project.


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    Re: GSIF drivers for SBlive and XP

    I certainly agree here. The new wave of soundblaster cards are absolutely no longer to be considered unprofessional or \"strictly for gamers\" or whatever. I think it\'s a disgrace that soundblaster cards like Audigy 2 don\'t work in Gigastudio. They\'re losing a BUNCH of potential buyers here.


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    Re: GSIF drivers for SBlive and XP

    The latest KX drivers DO support GS 160/2.54/GS3 under XP home/Pro. I have an old SBLive card using KX ver. 3538. The only difficulties I encountered were using the same configuration and Win98.

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    Re: GSIF drivers for SBlive and XP

    @ LGilstrap: Do you really have 3538? The latest version I have (and can find on http://www.kxproject.com/) is 3537.

    The problem i had was audio stuttering, which sounded like a buffer settings problem. I was never able to get it working, but this was with the lowest end SB Live it supported. It would probably work fine with something like an Audigy.

    If it works on your particular setup, kXproject is potentially a dream solution (like ASIO4All for that 'other' driver model)!
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