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Topic: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    I just checked out the mp3 demos on your site and they're really nice!! What an amazing array of sounds all to have come out of a cello. Avant but accessible. I'd love to hear what kind of stuff you do when you play the cello live- I bet it gets pretty intense.

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Interesting soundscape, CosmoD. Quite a range of options not usually heard in the typical orchestral library. Good luck with the project. I'll probably be lined up at Paypal soon...
    It's all about the music - really. I keep telling myself that...

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Fantastic samples! The only problem is I'm dirt poor this month, due to moving house. How much will the samples cost after new year?

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Could you give us some detail on the recording methods and equipment used?

    Feel free to make stuff up (ie. I used an exotic Russian vintage pre-amp made with nuclear warhead pieces parts).

    Also, are those stereo recordings or mono?
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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Very cool, CosmoD! Congratulations on the most realistic solo cello samples I've heard. (And I'm a cellist.) I especially like the ponticello. The only problem I hear is that the sound quality of the mp3 files is not so stellar. Also, it seems that there's a good bit of noise on some of the samples. I hope most of the samples are of better sonic quality than what comes through with these demos.

    P.S. I'd probably buy the library if I weren't a cellist myself -- since of course, I can just play whatever I want to record without having to do sequencing.


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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    I'm "VERY" interested... BUT!

    At that bit rate I really have no friggn clue what this sounds like???? Let alone what the lib is about. As well, the demos really don't seem to do the lib justice just by looking at the articulations you've recorded.

    I say put a better face on your lib... you know what it is, it really doesn't com across to me in the demos which isn't what you want. Even for $50 you're asking me to guess or assume too much about what I'll be getting.


    1) Higher Bit rate (at lease 128 -- I didn't check to see what it was but sounds like 60 er something ridiculously low)

    2) Better Demos (I like weird, but they were too similar, wanted to hear some chords etc.)

    I was ready to buy it till I heard the demos...



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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    I second the kid. The demos got me more hipped to your music than what I might actualy wind up doing with the lib itself.

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Thanks for your insight. I will definately update my website with a more "balanced" set of examples, particularly ones that showcase the longer, more sustained tones and more samples on their own without musical business.

    Also, if you want to try one of my patches, you can get it here

    I'm open for all feedback.

    thanks again,
    Cosmo D

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    Re: some free cello samples RIGHT HERE

    Hey Cosmo D,

    Are you from outer space?

    Have you come to rock the human race?

    The library sounds very interesting, I'm always looking for more solo string samples. I'm downloading your Kontakt teaser now.. thanks for offering the teaser, I would always rather play a little of a library myself instead of relying on demos.


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