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Topic: Giving up on Gigasampler

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    Giving up on Gigasampler

    Any recommendations on Software Samplers other than Gigasampler that do not require a software key? I have a rather old system that I can\'t afford to upgrade and seem to have quarterly foul ups that require me to do a complete reinstall of the OS (Win98). That\'s OK, but I\'m not too happy with having to deal with the stupid software key business that frequently.

    The latest try locked me out of the automated registration and I called TASCAM customer support, but there\'s no live person to immediately talk to. I\'m waiting for a call back.

    I don\'t mind companies protecting themselves from piracy, but it really gets to be enough of an inconvenience that I\'ll switch to another piece of software rather than deal with the hassle. It\'s the reason I put with finale rather than sibelius.

    Anyone else have this kind of problem (frequent reinstalls?

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    Re: Giving up on Gigasampler

    OK, I was a little rash. Called TASCAM customer support and got a live person today who supplied a new key for me. But I still don\'t like software keys and I think I may switch to a MAC system from my current PC.

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    Re: Giving up on Gigasampler

    I would try using something like Norton Ghost to back-up your entire hard drive to an image you can burn to CD. I would back-up all your gig files and other data separately, then strip them off your hard drive before you make Ghost back-ups, as Ghost works better and uses far less CD or RWs if you just back-up your basic configuration (programs, etc.)and restoring the image is very fast! Also, you might consider Win 98 SE if your not using the latest version of Win 98. Some old computers don\'t run well under anything but Win 95. If your interested in a PC based sampler I would not look into Halion or Kontakt, as they only run optimally on the MAC and use A TON of RAM! Sampletank is nice, but doesn\'t stream samples from the hard disk like Giga does, and the data compression used really does have an inferior sound to that of Gigastudio, which does sound the very best of ANY sampler (hardware or software) ever made. I would recommend instead a good hardware synth, like the Roland XV-5050 or 2020 that I use. The string expansion is excellent and you get many bread-and-butter type sounds too. You can utilize the digital output of the 5050 to get much the same sound quality as a software sampler. I have only recently gotten the kinks out of my Giga system but I only use it to cover a few parts, which it does VERY well. If I have one critcal remark towards the Giga, it\'s that as a sampler, it\'s not as sophisticated in all the programming options that my Emulator 4 has. I do miss all that when using Giga.

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    Re: Giving up on Gigasampler

    Originally posted by PatrickP:

    Anyone else have this kind of problem (frequent reinstalls?[/QB]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">ALL. THE. TIME

    I feel your pain. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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