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Topic: Donnie Christian libraries?

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    Question Donnie Christian libraries?

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    I just went to this website and heard these demos and they sound fantastic. I haven't seen anyone on here mention them and wondered what everyone thought on them. If you haven't heard any of the demos they are here. They even have a free oboe on there but it's only in Kontakt and all I have is giga. http://www.donniechianstudios.com/demos.htm


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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    I've got his marimba/vibes and Orch percussion. I can say that both libraries are excellent.

    I have upgraded to his recent percussion but haven't gotten it yet to comment.

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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    They indeed sound really natural. Just hearing the woodwinds in the Mercury demo got me hook. The Chromatic percussions samples are awesome. And you can even hear the breath of the player in the Grandfather basson demo.

    At first I thought it was not a mock up cause of this. And still I am wondering about it! Some sound too true to be real or...mmm mocked up

    Anybody have the woodwinds and they can confirm about the breath thing?

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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    Just downloaded the demo patch...the breath samples are included. This is the first time I see a librairy up to the breathing point!
    It got even the Key clicks of the intrument...

    And Great!

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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    While I wholeheartedly agree that his samples are great, I did not have a pleasant experience in ordering one of his libraries. I ordered a HALion version of his harp which took two weeks to arrive during which time I was told that it had allegedly been drop-shipped. I say "allegedly" because when it arrived, it had been shipped next day air. In addition, the HALion patch programming was incorrect and the samples were actually 16 bit. He did quickly fix the HALion patch programming but three weeks of e-mails and voicemails have only resulted in two "I'll ship them tomorrow" responses and (still) no 24 bit samples.

    I think he's got a great product but it's really sad that the lack of attention to administrative matters detracts from it. For what it's worth...

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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    I also think they sound great, but I have also had ordering problems. Two weeks ago I ordered his Giga flute library thru MTLC and it has not turned up yet. Multiple phone calls to MTLC indicate they can't reach DC either, by phone or email.

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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    I too, know of another case where someone has been waiting 2 months for delivery, even though he paid extra for 2 day air delivery.

    These were products that were on his web-site as being available now. It wasn't a pre-order situation.

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    Unhappy Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaimo
    I too, know of another case where someone has been waiting 2 months for delivery, even though he paid extra for 2 day air delivery.
    Not two months, but four. And I'm still waiting ;-).


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    Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    Sorry to hear that. Donnie used to post here some years ago. His attitude and the forum rules were, shall we say, incompatible.

    I don't know him, but it may be a case of a guy who is really into the music not being into the day to day demands of running a business. He was certainly enthusiastic about the musical side.


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    Exclamation Re: Donnie Christian libraries?

    Hmm! look interesting...

    ? Portato (approx. 1.5 sec's)- 15 Velocity Layers !!!!!!
    ? Staccato- 20 Velocity Layers !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ? Various Bassoon FX ???

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