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Topic: Identifying instruments

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    Question Identifying instruments

    Hello everyone! (I hope it's the right place for this topic)
    I have a small question regarding to identifying some specific instruments, which I'm sure you'll be able to answer (and help me).
    If you have an idea which sample libraries includes these instruments it would be great too.

    The 1st one - click me! (or 'Save target as...')
    2nd one - click me!
    3rd+4th ones - click me! we have two instruments here, the first one is the one that you hear in the beginning till 00:04 and the second one is in 00:04 and 00:09, It sounds like some kind of an exaggerated high-tuned flute staccato...?
    (The rights for the sounds are of the composers who have written them)

    Thanks in advance, guys!
    Ľ Aston!

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    1st) Col legno. Many orchestra libs have it. It's a sound made by slapping the strings with the wooden side of the bow. When all the strings do it simultaneously it sounds almost like wood breaking.
    2nd) There's a bunch of different stuff going on. Hard to tell exactly what it is you're looking for, but I'm pretty sure you'll find these type of sounds in Stormdrum or Stylus RMX.
    3rd) Metal pipe bending/scrape from distorted reality(?) and piccolo+flute octave runs.

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    Thanks, Maraxalamanta! You helped me a lot!

    If someone can help with the 2nd one too I'll be grateful

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    i second maraxalamanta

    1.) i would say the first one is some typical taiko, deep drum stuff, you could get it by choosing a taiko and a concert bassdrum and take out the deep middles, you get this hollow sound but added with those effects by hitting the strings with the back of the bow or slapping the deep strings of the contrabass

    2.) these are short snippet from the matrix soundtrack ... i think it is burly brawl from the second movie

    the best tool for that is stormdrum, there you have a category which is called big hits. double it with some anvils and don't be afraid to double 3-5 several big hits (but different ones).

    3.) the third one are just some high piccolo flute runs combined with flute one octave lower, ... but i could be wrong.

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    Waywyn: Thanks a lot! you're great too!
    1) I'm not sure that understand you...if it's a string-section sound, how do the taiko and bassdrum related to that?
    2) Yes it is..but shh..Davis will hear you!
    3) Yeah, now i'm sure it's that indeed (:

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    1.) I doubt, that the string effect in the first excerpt is called "col legno". To me, it sounds like a very hard to find effect on the strings, which is called "Snap".
    It comes out, when you pull the string and let it "snap" back on the instrument. When made by many instruments, it gives this loud crunchy sound. I don┤t know of any library, that has it.

    2.) I always search for combinations, that produce such cool hits. You must try to combine different Anvils and different Hits, until you find a hit, that blends perfectly and sounds good. Try also with the "Snap" ( if you┤ve found it ) of 1.) It is perfect to spice some hits.

    3.) is a piccolo flute run. Can be found on "Advanced Orchestra".

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    Prince, what you're referring to is "Bartˇk Pizzicato". The 1st clip is indeed col legno. As for "snap pizz" or "bartˇk pizz" there are several libraries that offer it, including VSL, SISS and Prosonus. Col Legno can be found in the same libraries. There could be others as well.

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    Quote Originally Posted by úe petit Pr´nše
    To me, it sounds like a very hard to find effect on the strings, which is called "Snap".
    It's called Bartok pizzicato. On the first file the crackling sound seems to be col legno strings (easiest to indentify in the end of the file) but the bottom end is some sort of percussion with a membrane. Then there is a loop of some kind of behind-the-bridge type of strings (commonly associated with Penderecki) or a synth.

    edit: Maraxalamanta beat me by a minute.

    edit2: The second one seems to have some sort of crossover percussions. Propably from the Stormdrum.

    The third one has some kind of a choir pad, cymbal swell and string effects in the beginning. The hit might be an orchestral bass drum (gran casa) and an anvil. Then there is a snare drum and brass and strings stacked.

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    I learn here new stuff every moment! Thanks everyone!

    úe petit Pr´nše:
    2) Yeah, these combinations are pretty good. I agree with you, If I have an orchestra, why not to abuse it and use as more as possible the all sections?

    You have forgot to mention the Metal pipe bending/scrape (I use Maraxalamanta's own words) (:

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    Re: Identifying instruments

    Quote Originally Posted by ĽAston
    You have forgot to mention the Metal pipe bending/scrape (I use Maraxalamanta's own words) (:
    I thought and still think that there is some sort of string effects involved but metal scraping is also a good guess. I did forget the piccolo run though.

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