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Topic: Combining Presets

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    Combining Presets


    I\'m running 1.5.2. Does anyone know a way of combining elements of - or complete presets? At the moment I\'m just copying and pasting, but it\'s taking forever....


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    Re: Combining Presets

    Thanks Rich.

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    Re: Combining Presets

    the only workaround I have, is building blank template files for the most common combination techniques (KS, Mod wheel switch, legato switch, release triggers, round robin, and Mod wheel Xfade) and then copying/pasting regions.

    Cant wait till they add \"copy group\" functions, and even better copying specific modules and controllers

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    Re: Combining Presets

    I couldn\'t agree more. There are a number of things I love about Kontact, but I still primarily use Halion because of Kontact\'s lack of a copy group feature. For me this a fatal omission of a basic feature, because without it building your own keyswitched programs, etc, is just too painfully inefficient.

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    Re: Combining Presets

    Hey Andy..I think this is a common programing nightmare..I believe KI may have some workarounds..I`d PM him..Best Rich

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