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Topic: Sonar and copying controller events??

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    Sonar and copying controller events??


    I have purchased a sample library that uses a different controller (modulation) to control crossfading and want to copy the MIDI expression controller events I currently use to modulation.

    Unfortunately, I can\'t seem to find a way to do this with Sonar 2.1. There must be a better way to copy controller events than going into the event list view and editing each event one at a time which is what I am currently doing. This will happen again when I purchase a more advanced brass library so how do others get around the line by line editing for midi controllers in Sonar? Thank you

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    Re: Sonar and copying controller events??

    You can change controllers in a batch mode using the Process-Interpolate command. Highlight the whole track and then select this command. I recommend getting the manual out and reading up on the command as it is the most complex command to get a hang of using in Sonar. This command will need a little practice to get the results you want.

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