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Topic: Happy Holidays to all at Northern Sounds!

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    Smile A Christmas song and Happy Holidays

    I just wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays! Northern Sounds is my favorite web site and I enjoy all of the great topics we all share. The world is a better place because of music and I'm happy to share a small part of that!

    All the very best,


    PS here's a link to my Christmas entry for the EW contest. It's Gold, Stormdrum and Silver. My wife hummed me the melody and I made up the rest. Hope you enjoy it!

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    Re: Happy Holidays to all at Northern Sounds!

    Thanks and Happy Holidays to you too!! Your version of "We Three Kings" is great! I really enjoyed it. Look forward to hearing more from you!!

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    Re: Happy Holidays to all at Northern Sounds!


    Merry Christmas to all my fellow composers!

    Oh, and a happy new year!

    Chris P

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