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Topic: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

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    Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    I don't have them yet, but hopefully will soon. For the LONGEST time I've been wanting the Mackie HR824's, but couldn't afford them. I've also looked at some strong competitors of that level like the KRK V8 Series 2's. I had the KRK V6 Series 1's but sold them as soon as I bought them. Money trouble...LOL! I'm wanting 8" drivers for a bigger sound, deeper lows, etc. I'm also wanting silk drivers for a smoother crossover range. Possibly front porting for small room environments too. Titanium are too harsh for my ears. I look for monitors made by engineers and people that use their own designs, like KRK. It says something about the products. There's a good chance I might be FINALLY getting the HR824's within the next few weeks, but deals with some "fishy" ways of getting them.

    So what are you all using for studio monitors, speakers, headphones...etc? I'd like to know


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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    I was looking at the Mackies too, but they were a little bit pricey and I wasn't 100% sold on them. I also like the Dynaudio BM15A Actives, but too expensive right now. So I got rid of my Alesis Monitor Ones last month and bought a pair of Tannoy Reveal Actives as a friend had an extra pair after setting up a couple of rooms in his new studio (he changed his mind about using the Reveals as the rear monitors in his surround set up) . I like 'em - they're way better than the Alesis monitors. I'm contemplating getting a sub to go with them at some point, but don't have room at the moment. As for headphones, I use Beyerdynamic DT-250s.

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    I had the Alesis M1s and a S1 but I wasn't satisfied with them. I got Genelec 1029 * 5 and a 7070 subwoofer and I'm really satisfied. The 1029s aren't available anymore but the new 8030 model is even better. Genelecs are pricey especially in the US but they are really, really good.

    I use Beyerdynamic DT770 headphones and I'm satisfied with them too. Very clear and powerful headphones.

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    Genelec 1030As in the studio and a pair of Spirit absolute 2s at home. I've long been a Genelec fan but the Spirit pair I bought after my Event 20/20s were damaged after moving and needed replacing quickly for some arranging work. They were all the local shop had so I thought stuff it and bought them. They're not particularly special and are weak in the bass but they've been very useful for mixing in an untreated environment and I've got to know them well enough to use them confidently over the past couple of years. I can't claim to use them much for mixing at home though as I prefer to use my HD280pro headphones and transfer work to the studio. But they're good for testing and referencing.

    Actually, thinking about trying out mixes in different environments, it might be worth time trying out this software:


    I haven't had a chance and suspect it might be a tad gimmicky but for the price it could be worth a shot. If anyone is using it then maybe a short review could be supplied here?.

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    I have the Mackies and they are quite nice for the price - but when I want to check things out, my reference system in the studio is a Pass Labs amp into Dunlavy SC-IV speakers. Certainly not necessary for composing, but wonderful for checking/editing/mastering acousitic recordings.

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    I couldn't imagine writing a note without the Beolab 5:


    (Just kidding, because they're something like $15,000/pair. But they use a lens designed by Dave Moulton and Manny Lacarruba, and they're amazing.)

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    Adam S3A's. But these are way expensive. Love my mixes with them but damn it hurt to buy them.

    My Genelec collection at the moment is 1030's, 1031's, and S30's.

    Please reconsider the mackies. I won't go into a long diatribe about them but they are among the least accurate monitors I have ever listened to. The low end is just a mess across the time domain - one big SMEAR. I know lot's of guys like them but for just a bit more money you could get into a used set of 1030's.

    Check out ebay on gens. I have seen 1030s go for as little as $800 a pair.
    1029's sound good but you NEED the sub. 1030's do great without one especially if you are in a smaller room.
    They are workhorses. In my previous (I sold it a year ago) 3 control room studio we made the 1030's our main monitors in each room. Not one single blown monitor in 8 years. And they were worked round the clock for those 8 years and are STILL going.

    Gens, dynaudio's are both great monitors. Very much in the same ballpark sonically.
    KRK's I just don't get except for the E series and they are a lot of money.
    The M-Audio stuff is hype. Its their first attempt at a monitor and they sound like it.
    Tannoy's are always a fine choice. Not my taste but I still regret selling my old Gold's.
    PBM8's used can't be beat for the little money they go for.
    Reveals are not very balanced to my ears. They sound good but they are low mid light and that can tip your mixes over.

    It's been said many times over but its the truth - monitors are one item you don't want to skimp on. My Adams cost more than my car did. And were worth every penny. Even though I love my work on them my favorite monitors to listen on are my Gen S30's. with the 1030's always sounding amazing for the money. They come with me wherever I go and are currently sitting on my desk with my powerbook. itunes rules coming out of my 1030's.
    Clearly I am a bit obsessed with monitors to have 1030s as my itunes speakers!

    There is not a set of monitors that we did not put through serious listening tests in the last couple years. PM me if you want some specifics on monitors you are considering. I probably have pages of notes on them.

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    This same topic came up about a month ago or so. I agree with Ed. Nothing against Mackie lovers - but when you are comparing sonic quality for the price, Mackie is a poor decision.

    Mackie offers the following strong points:

    1) Volume
    2) ?!?

    Well, this is just my opinion. Please don't hate me for it. Adams, Dyns, Genelecs, and even KRKs sound better. Actually, most everything sounds better than the Mackie monitors if you are looking over $500. They are only good for monitoring - not for acurate mixing or mastering. Go to Guitar Center and demo them with everything else they have. Take your own cd that you know how it should sound. Trust your ears, not the hype.
    Jonathan Kerr
    J.Kerr Music, Inc

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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    Yamaha MSP5A's. They are a great all-round moniter which I can use for accurate mixing of anything from Classical (Smaple library work) to rock.

    One problem with them is thay are VERY faithful and can be a bit too hard on the ear for long mixing sessions.

    Anyone else have these?


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    Re: Studio Monitors...What are you using and why?

    This is interesting whats being said about the Mackie's, I was set to buy some HR824s and an engineer friend of mine said they're crap!

    I trust his ears too (I havent had an opportunity to hear them myself).
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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