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Topic: My new rig has been planned...

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    My new rig has been planned...

    OK, here it is for scrutiny/input/etc. It will serve as a DAW and gaming machine.

    Motherboard: Soltek SL-K8AN2E-GR (nForce chipset)
    CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3400+ (1MB L2 cache!)
    RAM: 2GB PC3200 (2 x 1GB)
    Primary HD: WD Raptor SATA 74GB 10K RPM
    Secondary HD (.gig files and HD backups): Maxtor SATA 250GB 7200RPM
    Video Card: eVGA GeForce 6800 GT 256MB

    (this is replacing an AMD Athlon XP 2500+, 1GB RAM, 2 x 80GB HDs @ 7200RPM, GeForce3 64MB)

    Stuff I'm keeping from my current rig:
    Antec Sonata case
    Delta Audiophile 2496
    keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, blah blah

    Can't wait to upgrade! This system should be smokin'. I should have enough $$ by next Feb/March or so to buy the parts.
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    Hey Sam, only my two cents here...

    I dont know if you'd need a 10,000 rpm drive for a system drive? The size is good if you want to use it for VSTs that load straight into ram - simply put them on C: streaming instruments obviously could go on your samples drive. But 10k speed seems like overkill (and will hurt the budget Im sure).

    Also, there's a bit of debate about this but Im not sure its worth getting a 64bit chip at this time. By the time Microsoft officially releases its 64bit O.S. AND all apps are written to support 64bit PLUS the drivers - I think it will still be a couple of years away at least. Many 32bit CPU's have 48 or even 64bit internal calculations anyway. So I dont think a 64bit chip will offer a huge performance leap at this time.

    I very nearly built a 64bit system myself, but am now planning on a dual Xeon rig. Many recording studios are running these and streaming 300+ tracks of audio. I dont know, perhaps compare the costs? Just a thought.
    Anyway... only my thoughts.. take or leave them as you wish.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...


    Just FYI, but with GS3, Tascam recommends using a 3rd hard drive to hold the impulses. Also, depending on how "sample library crazy" you get, a single 250GB drive may not hold all of your samples

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    If you're not buying until February or March, keep an open mind. AMD is moving toward the 939 socket, and the board you've chosen is a 754. Maybe that's the cheapest way to get the 1 MB L2 cache today, but that may change in three months time.


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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    Quote Originally Posted by JonFairhurst
    If you're not buying until February or March, keep an open mind. AMD is moving toward the 939 socket, and the board you've chosen is a 754. Maybe that's the cheapest way to get the 1 MB L2 cache today, but that may change in three months time.

    Good advice. I'm kind of in the same boat as you- I'm getting a nice bonus iat the end of Feb. and I'm looking at possible upgrades to my system, but am keeping in mind the fact that at that by then, there will be some changes in options. I also don't think the 10k RPM drive makes sense for the main drive. What you need the speed for is the drive holding the samples and, unfortunately, there just aren't any 10k drives that are big enough right now for holding a lot of samples.

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    Scott....can you post your planned rig?



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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    Hi Brett, its early days but something like this;

    2 x Xeon 3.06GHz
    Asus PC DL motherboard
    2gb (or maybe 3) Corsair DDR Ram
    Antec True 550 watt power supply
    1 x System drive (havent determined specs yet)
    2 x Seagate 200gb SATA hard drives in Raid 0
    1 x Matrox P650 Video card
    Antec Sonata quiet case
    Zalman heatsinks and fans
    Powercore PCI DSP card
    UAD PCI DSP card

    Some parts (like dvd burners) I already have and will pop into the dual system.

    A lot of valuable info can be found on the Nuendo hardware forums. A couple of guys there build custom dual cpu rigs for studios around Nashville.

    Sorry for the hijack Sam.
    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    i second the motherboard issue, get one with 939 socket, 754 is just too old and not stable for future. amd announced that they will stay a while on 939.

    wow, scott, i was just checking that sonata-case you are planning to buy. i still own a chieftek 601 which is already noice reduced with a zalman 7000 cnps and a northq psu, which is tricking you everytime you want to check if it is really on

    ... and i am veryx pleased with that, but it has one disadvantage that the HD-racks are pretty small, so you just can put a hardrive without noise-boxes, or whatever, in there. generally i am looking for cool racks or hificases, which you can put in the sideroom, but it seems that all the desktop cases need special motherboards or not too big cards etc.... but i just want to put everything into a rack.
    Last edited by Waywyn; 12-15-2004 at 07:25 AM.

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    Re: My new rig has been planned...

    I own the Antec Sonata case and want to bring up one issue that bugs me about it. The hard drive mounting bay is sideways in the case. The problem with this is (for me anyway), the IDE cables stick out of the side and are cramped when you close the side of the case. You could put the drives in the other way, with the rear of them pointing towards the inside of the case, but the difficult part here is that you have to feed the IDE cables from behind the hard drive bays which can be tricky.

    Plus, Antec might still be shipping this thing with the old USB 1.0 front adapters. You will have to write the company and ask them to mail you the USB 2.0 front extension instead... and you'll have to replace it. I still haven't done this because I never figured out how to open up the FRONT of the case.
    Sam Hulick

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