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Topic: Anyone use GS and ProTools on same machine?

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    Anyone use GS and ProTools on same machine?

    I have been using ProTools LE with a Digi 001 on a G4 mac and GS 96 on a PC with S/PDIF IO between them. It has worked great; however, I have hit an upgrade wall with ProTools and need to trade up to a Digi 002. I am thinking of moving my ProTools to a PC platform since macs are more expensive.

    One thought is to get everything on one platform and was curious if anyone else has tried this.


    Kelly Carpenter

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    Re: Anyone use GS and ProTools on same machine?

    Wow, nobody?

    I like Sonar anyhow..... PT seems like the evil empire. Though PT Free is a major contribution to the community.
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    Re: Anyone use GS and ProTools on same machine?

    Thanks all for the input. I will probably stay with the two machine approach. Has anyone used the Music XPC or know of any feedback about it? I have been looking at the C1 model for either upgrading GS or for PT. I am a bit squeamish about building my own system, and something that is very quiet and is tweaked for dig audio seems appealing.

    BTW, I used to be a Cakewalk user, so I hold a certain place in my heart for the 12-Tone guys, but the initial version of Sonar was so horrible, I switched over to the evil empire.

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