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Topic: Weird sound in Gigastudio 2.53.06

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    Weird sound in Gigastudio 2.53.06


    I\'ve been having problems installing Gigastudio 2.5 on win 2000 with WamiRack24. At first I got no sound at all and after having installed the patch 2.53.06 I get sound (wow!) but they sound strange (low and double) and are not activated directly when I press the keyboard.

    Anyone who knows how to solve my problem?
    Is it GigaStudio that is the problem or my soundcard installation?
    When I run the diagnostics in GigaStudio I get a message that one dll file is missing.

    What midi device should I use in the control panel? Microsoft GS Wavetable??

    Thanks for your prompt help!!

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    Re: Weird sound in Gigastudio 2.53.06


    If you haven\'t already, open your Wami control panel and in the config menu choose reset rack. I occassionally have the octave problem you describe. Resetting the rack solves this for me.
    Also make sure you are using WAMI console v3.50

    Good Luck!

    Jim Clark

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