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Topic: Trouble with wind controller decrescendi

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    Unhappy Trouble with CC2 response

    Hi all,

    I just got a Yamaha WX5 to use with GPO, and I'm having a bit of trouble with it. If I play a note extremely forcefully and taper off the wind pressure, if the CC2 slider in the Kontakt player is set at 100%, I don't hear anything until I start tapering off; if the CC2 slider is set lower, the GPO instrument plays, but then it actually jumps up in volume before diminishing.

    If I crescendo up to full pressure, it sounds fine; it only happens on the way down.

    Here's an example using the flute (X-Custom Flute Solo KS) with the CC2 slider at 75%.

    If I examine the CC2 messages in the MIDI file, I don't see anything out of the ordinary: a CC2 with value 127 is generated immediately before the note, and then when the decrescendo begins, there aren't any jumps in the CC2 values; it goes smoothly downwards.

    [Edit]: It's not just a problem with the wind controller; I created an equivalent file directly in SONAR's piano roll, drawing the CC2 data in by hand. I then loaded the MIDI file into WinAmp, which I configured to play to GPO Studio. Again, I loaded the X-Custom Flute Solo KS into slot 1, set the slider to CC2 at 75%, and the same problem occurred. (It also happens with other sounds as well.)

    So it doesn't appear to be tied specifically to the use of a wind controller or to SONAR.

    Can anyone tell me how to work around this?

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    -- Jeff Lee
    Etiam singula minima maximi momenti est - Even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance

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    Re: Trouble with wind controller decrescendi

    Hmmm. Apparently editing the thread title (to make it more general, since it's not specifically tied to the wind controller as I first assumed) didn't work.
    -- Jeff Lee
    Etiam singula minima maximi momenti est - Even the smallest detail is of the utmost importance

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