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Topic: Adding GigaStudio 3 Ensemble or Orchestra

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    Question Adding GigaStudio 3 Ensemble or Orchestra

    I currently have a primary music computer that is running Cubase SX2 and uses HALion3 and the Kontakt player as VSTs (along with other VSTs). It is fairly max'd out (3.2 gHz P-4 and 2 gig of RAM) and yet "my orchestra" wants to get larger and larger.

    Would adding GigaStudio3 (either Ensemble or Orchestra sizes) on a 2nd P-4 (2.66 gHz, 1 gig RAM) be feasible? I have some sample sets that are native Giga (pre-3) which I have imported into HALion, but if working in native Giga format is in any way better (or easier) this would be a consideration. (The 2nd system was "retired" as the former primary music system when I found I could get the faster and larger system.)

    How would I utilize the second system running Giga? I would like to avoid getting another "sound card" (I am currently using an M-Audio FireWire 410 attached to the primary music computer.) I have been looking at FX-Teleport (and gigabit Ethernet cards between the two systems -- point-to-point with a cross-over cable directly attaching them, as opposed to "somewhere on the network") as a means of getting additional voices (by moving the HALion3 to the second system and letting it use those resources).

    Any ideas? Suggestions? Tips? My goal here is to get additional capacity for more "voices". (Or should I bother the GigaSampler "help" line?)

    Thanks, in advance ... KevinKauai

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    Re: Adding GigaStudio 3 Ensemble or Orchestra

    As to the main question, yes, Gigastudio 3 orchestra would run fine on your other computer; on a similar system I get about 30 VSL strings or 40+ GOS strings loaded; gigastudio loads somewhat more instruments than kompakt, it seems.

    Personal opinion: despite the many problems with gs3 at first, it is a far better product than kompakt, which seems like an inflexible toy to me so far. As you surely know, others disagree.

    I'd suggest you get a not-too-expensive m-audio audiophile card for it, costs less than GIga-teleport and will work with your current card via spdif for audio and the midi ports for midi. This is partly based on my dissatisfaction with the demo version of teleport, so other users may have had better success.

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