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Topic: newbie Inst. Editor question

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    newbie Inst. Editor question

    can anybody help me with a giga inst editor question?

    I have 2 instruments: Detache (fast) cellos1 and 2 (different samples). I want to make one instrument that inludes both instruments but on different parts of the keyboard (one higer than the other) so that I can make repeated notes sound more natrual.

    I know how to \"merge\" and \"combine\" but how do I change a Cellos inst so that it\'s lowest note is not two octaves below middle C but two octaves above middle C?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: newbie Inst. Editor question

    You drag the sections where you want them. If you have all the samples that corrospond to each key. Then assign them to the keys and remove the \"pitch track\" property, located in the mix/layer tab (only for the keys that are the real key you set them to). Now since the cello only ranges from c2-b5 (i think) then you would have to adjust the cents if you wish to put keys past c5. I think it works like setting the unity note lower in the sampler section will make the notes higher and vice versa. You could also just use the cents property to adjust notes.

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