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Topic: Where are the effects??

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    Where are the effects??

    OK, I\'m a newbie at GigaStudio, but not at computers....

    I just installed GigaStudio 96 2.50 on an XP box, and though I can access the Reverb and Stereo Contour, I cannot access (or find) the Chorus or Tap Delay effects. In fact, if I run diagnostics, it tells me the DLLs (nfx2.dll and nfx3.dll) are missing. Furthermore, if I dissect the .cab file on the installation CD, they\'re nowhere to be found.

    This is a legitimate, registered copy of the software, brand new, out of the box. Installing the 2.53 update did nothing to help. A quick search of these archives showed nothing either.

    Can anyone tell me how I might get these files??


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    Re: Where are the effects??

    Ah, nevermind... I just discovered they don\'t come with 96.

    Glad I could help! :-)

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