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Topic: Pops/clicks/dropouts.. why???

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    Pops/clicks/dropouts.. why???

    I don\'t get it. I\'ve never had a problem, and now, all of the sudden, I\'m having them out the wazoo. I\'m running WinXP 512MB RAM, 900MHz, Sonar XL + GigaStudio96. Dropouts only happened once in a great while, as well as pops/clicks. Now, I can\'t even dump a 1:30 piece to wav without getting at least one click. Why is this happening all of the sudden?

    And by the way.. AudioPhile users: what is your DMA buffer size set to? Mine\'s at 1024 samples. Is this good or should it be lower/higher?


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    Re: Pops/clicks/dropouts.. why???

    I got the new beta drivers from Dec 11th.. they\'re excellent. All audio problems I\'ve had (like Windows sounds stuttering because they\'re in 22KHz) are gone now.

    I\'m still curious if my AudioPhile settings are OK though.

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    Re: Pops/clicks/dropouts.. why???

    P4 1300, 512MB, Win XP, Sonar, GS160, and Audiophile 24/96:

    my buffer is set (by default, I guess, since I don\'t remember setting it) to 512

    Have never yet had problems.

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