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Topic: One more time!!

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    One more time!!

    OK, if you're getting sick and tired of seeing this song here feel free to move on *lol* I'm just putting it here for people who are interested in the evolution of our attempt at creating the most realistic string section we can.

    Here's version 3 of Heros And Dragons.

    GPO Steinway has been permanently reinstated
    We have one track real violin, one track real cello and one track GPO solo violin. Timing issues have been cleaned up and the mix smoothed out quite a bit. After the first section the real strings are nearly subliminal. All the power and phrasing is Garritan Strings.

    Tomorrow we will add a real viola and that will be it. The next mixes will be final and will probably turn up middle next week. Enjoy!


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    Re: One more time!!

    Fred, what drum library are you using in this? thanks

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    Unhappy Re: One more time!!

    My goodness, Fred. How can you afford to hire all of those live musicians?

    This is truly a magnificent sound! I think that I will quit writing right now because I don't think that I will ever achieve such realism.

    Keep up the great work! You have much talent.


    Larry A.

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    Re: One more time!!

    Dan, that's a drummer!!
    Larry, good question. Thie string players are three college girls (three very nice Lee College girls ) that we met by accident about two years ago. They have a string trio, and we started using them on projects for ourselves and customers. They play a tune for about $50 a pop apiece, or more depending on how much we stack them. Since the girls started working with us they've become great at playing with drummers and click tracks, they're learning how to improvise, it's great.

    A note for you kids out there- if you want a real player cheap, go to college!

    BTW. I know you're being silly. Your work is some of my favorite stuff here!!!

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    Re: One more time!!

    Thanks very much for letting us have a 'look in' on the development of this exciting piece. I think the strings starting at around 0:14 could use a volume controller over them to improve dynamics although they are definitely improved with the girls on top.....as they say

    My favourite part is still where the strings restart at around 2:20....I'm always so grateful, that even though hair is disappearing elsewhere, that I still have hairs on the back of my neck for these moments!

    I look forward to the next episode!


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    Re: One more time!!

    Quote Originally Posted by FredProgGH
    Dan, that's a drummer!!
    I didn't think it was a library. I was impressed with the different amounts of cymbal dynamics. I'm not too keen on the double kicks around 4:12 though. The drummer is dragging from 2:28 - 2:36 relative to the other instruments, I'm being a real nitpicker, but the tempo feel is driving up to that point and then falls behind (feel) I did not check it with a metronome. I'm just being picky, sorry. No insult intended, but I think this could be fixed, either devide the drum audio tracks up individually and time shift them, or pull the other instruments back to match him, but the first would be much better, just a recommendation. Seriously though, I would not make this post if I didn't care for the song, I do, it's really cool! Nice work so far!

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    Re: One more time!!

    I've enjoyed the progression. Can't wait to hear the finished piece with the vocals back in.
    Trent P. McDonald

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    Re: One more time!!

    When the strings first come in and the entry at the big "romantic" place after the bridge are both a little harsh, IMO, especially the second one. I think we can ease them up in the final mix. As for the drums, this was the first take. He did two more that were a little tighter but we didn't like the feel as much. I think at the particular spot Dan is talking about the problem is more me and the piano. This was a sequenced part layed down prior to the drums and I've been too lazy to replay to the drummer because I really like the part. But I really should tweak a couple places. In the final version with everything going it may be OK without replaying it.

    Anyway, don't feel bad about being nitpicky- we try to be!

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    Re: One more time!!

    Quote Originally Posted by sfiks
    what do you think about turning off piano from 02:29 to 02:37 (at least )?
    Just an idea.
    That might be a possibilty. We'll have to try it...

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    Re: One more time!!

    you are too cool Fred!

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