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Topic: Calling the hardware gods...

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    Smile Calling the hardware gods...

    Hi Guys, Im hoping someone will have the answer to this without me crawling through pages and pages of info looking for the answer....

    I have an Athlon 2600+ (333mhz) with PC2700 DDR (333mhz) ram.

    If I upgrade to an Athlon 3200 (400mhz) will it be hampered by running slower ram? I thought I read somewhere once that the ram and cpu run independantly of each other.

    If they dont, I might save some money and get the Athlon 3000 as it runs at 333mhz like my ram currently does.

    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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    Re: Calling the hardware gods...

    It will not increase the performance of the RAM. The RAM will still run at 333 Mhz. The clock speed of the processor will not be hampered though.

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    Re: Calling the hardware gods...

    Thanks Joseph, I think I found the same answer on Toms Hardware;

    Relationships And Ratios
    Now all these subsystems running at different speeds have to do is work together. When we used the 333-MHz FSB clock speed for the Athlon XP 3000+ with DDR333 memory in the test, we discovered that data can be exchanged one-to-one between the processor and RAM every clock cycle. If you use DDR266 or DDR400, however, the FSB and main memory no longer run synchronously. So combining fast FSB with slower RAM, or vice versa, will increase the amount of management to be done and create wait states. We call this relationship the FSB:RAM ratio. Recent experience has shown time and again that this ratio is a big factor in overall performance, since only rarely does a faster clocked RAM improve performance.

    - SCA - Sound Studios -

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