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Topic: Batch audio editing

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    Batch audio editing

    Is there an audio editor that can do the same edit to dozens of audio files? I\'d like to be able to, say, lop off the first 4,000 samples of each file, plus do a superfast fade-in.

    I recently reinstalled SoundForge 4.5 (I had upgraded to 5) because that version contained Sonic Foundry\'s batch processor (which was later stripped out as a separate product), but although this can do all sorts of format conversions as well as functions such as adding effects, I couldn\'t figure out a way to automate this simple editing function described above.

    Anyone know an audio editor that can do this? Or, alternatively, describe how to do it in SF4.5?


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    Re: Batch audio editing

    I\'ve done stuff like this using Cool Edit. You can download a 30 day trialfrom Syntrillium\'s webpage. There probably is a way to do it in SF, which I use for most of my edits, but Cool Edit is more intuitive, and easier to write macros for batch editing.

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