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Topic: GS freezes while loaading gig files

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    GS freezes while loaading gig files

    I have a problem with certain gig files causing GS to freeze up to 10 minutes before loading the instrument. It doesnt depend on the size.
    ie : my steinway B piano is loaded (950MB) in 5sec but my Bosendorfer gig freeze GS during 5 min before loading.These gig files seems to work OK, I can open and edit them with instrument editor.

    Anyone having this problem ?


    my system : win ME, 256 MB, ahtlon 1200, 120GB HD, gigastudio 2.51

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    Re: GS freezes while loaading gig files

    This has happened to me before when I downloaded some free gig, which was corrupted. This may be the case.

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    Re: GS freezes while loaading gig files

    Hey! So I\'m not the only one!
    I downloaded the free \"nskit\" (see thread in \"Sample Libraries\" section) drum kit and am experiencing the same thing. The task bar gets to about half way then progresses REAL slow for the next 10 - 15 minutes, and all this time the hard drive light is on. I\'ve tried all the tricks: downloading the file again, optimizing system according to the experts, defreagging, but to no avail. The Gigapiano loads fine - 5-10 seconds.

    I find it difficult to understand how it could be a corrupt file since I\'ve heard no other complaints on this particular file.

    My system: Athalon 1333, 512MB Ram, 20GB system drive, 40GB audio drive, Windows ME

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    Re: GS freezes while loaading gig files

    It could just be that it downloaded a few less kbs etc that were needed.

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    Re: GS freezes while loaading gig files

    I\'ve got the same problem with the ns-kit6
    So it doesn\'t seem to be a download problem.
    Anyhow, if it were a download problem, I guess that WinRar would have complained while expanding.

    I was able to load the .gig in the instrument editor and save it. Didn\'t help much.

    I have GigaSampler LE, supplied with Terratec board.

    Athlon 900 MHz, Windows ME

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