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Topic: Basic V STACK Question

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    Basic V STACK Question

    Hi everyone.

    I'm new to VStack and have a basic question.

    I'll use the example of using Atmosphere as the VST plug in.

    Is there a way to specify in VStack which precise midi channel you want Atmosphere (or another non-multitimbral instrument) should respond to?

    Right now I only have choices like "In A", "In B" etc (4 port USB).

    What I'd like to do is set it, for example, to "In A, Channel 2", then call up another instance of Atmosphere on another VStack slot and set it to "In A, Channel 3" etc.

    In short, the way I am using it right now gives me only a maximum of 4 Atmospheres, and obliterates all the other midichannels over all four ports!

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    Re: Basic V STACK Question

    Sure. In the lower right hand corner of the VST window where you open your VST, there is a box called "midi channel" in which you can choose "all" and then set various midi channels on multi-timbral products or you can choose a specific channel for the VST.

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    Re: Basic V STACK Question

    Good to know this, but in the case of Spectrasonics Atmosphere: I just don't see it. For Kompaxt and Intakt instruments I can set it in the Kompakt and Intakt windows after pressing "e" in VST Instruments window in VSTack.

    But for Atmosphere I can't see where I can set the midi channel, only the midi port.

    I'm obviously missing something here....

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    Re: Basic V STACK Question

    Not on the VST instrument itself. It's on the lower right hand corner of the VST window on VSTACK. Right below the spot where you choose what instrument you want to open in VSTACK.

    Of course, if you want to run several channels of Atmosphere, you'll have to open an instance in VSTACK for each one and assign a different midi channel to each instance.

    Hope that helps.

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