I\'ve not used Gigastudio to create any instruments, until now...

I\'m starting simple so I\'ll understand the concepts, but this simple one note/one sample instrument is confounding me. I\'ve made ONE region on C3, and I have a sample mapped to that region. There don\'t need to be any dimensions or special things going on; all I want to do is to press C3 and hear the sample(.wav) just as it was recorded in my wave editor.

Problem is, in GS, I can load the gig file which contains the instrument, and I can play it from the GS keyboard -- BUT I can\'t play it from MY midi master keyboard. All my midi connections are correct because I can play other instruments (made by other people) just fine on the same channel. It makes me think there\'s a setting in the Editor that I\'m not having set correctly. Why would I be able to play it from GS little keyboard, and then not be able to from my Master keyboard? I\'m sure it\'s something simple, but if anyone could point me in the right direction, I\'d be very grateful.