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Topic: DSP Channel synchronization

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    DSP Channel synchronization

    I am using the audio capture from gigastudio to record half of the instruments rooted to the first DSP Channel and then the rest of the instruments rooted to the second channel of the DSP. When I merge the two audios there is no synchronization.
    If you root all the instruments in the same DSP channel and then record half and half instruments again, then you don\'t have this problem.

    Any ideas?



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    Re: DSP Channel synchronization

    Make sure you shut off the link between the R&L DSP channels. There are 4 link buttons - if you haven\'t already, try messing with these until it works. Also, if they are not synced, you can edit the audio and remove any silence before the channel that is lagging (that may be the case). Anyways hope this helps.

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    Re: DSP Channel synchronization

    I haven\'t try to shut off the link buttons. But there is no silence in the beggining that causes a delay. The two are perfectly synchronised in the beggining and as the time passes they start loosing the synchronization. One thought is that the letancy may delay one chonnel (with more instruments) more that the other. But why this is not happening when you pass all the instruments in one DSP channel?

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    Re: DSP Channel synchronization

    Most likely because the pc has to process two DSP channels of different effects compared to just one channel. I would figure this would cause lag unless you had a monster machine (2.8 GHZ).

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