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Topic: Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo

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    Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo

    Well, I thought I'd let you guys in on a little secret.

    I've been able to get a very deep tuba sound by selecting Contra Tuba and tuning it down -12 semitones to shift the sound down 1 octave. The result was a subcontrabass tuba.

    I've also faked a Euphonium by selecting Tuba Solo 2 and tuning it up +12 semitones to shift the sound up 1 octave. The result was a tenor tuba (also known as Euphonium).

    Check it out. Let me know what you think

    Subcontrabass Tuba and Euphonium

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    Re: Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo

    sorry, but changing the pitch on an instrument is not a trick or secret, but a feature that was designed into GPO's Kontakt player,,,

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    Re: Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo

    Well, I didn't say it was a secret, what I meant was that it was possible to get an entirely different timbre based on transposition of the pitch of any instrument.

    This trick does not work with strings, and I doubt it works with organs either.

    But for brass it certainly does seem to work. I really can't tell any difference in quality unless I go right up into the high/low ranges. If I stay in the intermediate ranges I can experience a completely different timbre.

    This is exactly what I did in the above MP3 demo.

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    Re: Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo


    Excellent results! And you made the worst tuba joke better:

    Q: What is the range of a tuba?
    A: Twenty yards if you've got a good arm

    You have shown us that the range can be extended quite convincingly both upwards and downwards. Now the range is 60 yards

    Thanks for sharing with us this tip.

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: Subcontrabass Tuba & Euphonium Demo

    Hi Gary,

    I'm glad you enjoyed the example! The purpose of the MP3 demo was to remove any doubt that it is indeed possible to emulate instruments realistically by simply playing around with the tuning and interface. For the "Euphonium", all I did was select a solo Tuba instrument and set the tuning at +12 semitones. It was so simple

    Did the higher pitched timbre resemble that of a Euphonium?

    When I first tried this out I thought it would sound yucky but I was pleasantly surprised and now I plan to use this new sound discovery in my upcoming track "At Central Station". In addition I'll also use a baritone and tenor sax in this track. I'm waiting patiently for Big Band to come along and hoping it won't be too far off in time, but I'm just starting to imagine the possibilities I could do with sax sounds, I could make a "subcontrabass sax" by selecting the contrabass sax and setting the tuning at -12 semitones. Or making a "piccolo sax" by selecting soprano sax and setting tuning at +12 semitones. The possibilities are just endless and I can't help but drool at the opportunity to enhance my tracks with new and exciting instruments

    I emulated the Subcontrabass Tuba for good measure, to prove that it was indeed possible to add some awesome depth to the bass end of the brass range and that there are so many uses for this - you could alternate between this and double bass strings or use it in backing for a piano track and so on.

    A Euphonium is often called a Tenor Tuba and this is what inspired me to emulate one in GPO using the Tuba samples

    The sample quality of GPO is so good that it is possible to pull anything off. Keep up the good work Gary!


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