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Topic: Recording question.

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    Recording question.

    Ok as it stands I record all the instruments playing together and just master that track. I had a few ideas:

    1) Record sections together, E.G Woodwinds, Brass, Strings, Percussion.
    2) Record individual sections, E.G Flutes, Piccolos, violins etc.
    3) Record all the instruments individually and master them all individually then combine the wavs into 1 track.

    The 3rd option would seem way too time consuming for me, since I am starting to have about 30 different instruments per piece.

    Anyways please give me some guidance.

    EDIT: Also, I heard of overdubbing or such and I believe that is where you double recorded wav tracks for some reason. What would be the reason for doing this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Recording question.

    I usually record the sections together. Sometimes I break the strings into 2 or 3 sections because of polyphony reasons. Again, it depends on the piece. Normally I do the harp on it\'s own track as it\'s quite a polyphony hog.

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