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Topic: Individual track tempo???

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    Individual track tempo???

    Is there a sequencer available that will allow you to enter tempos in seperate tracks. E.G percussion track at 150 and brass track set at 110 and playing together. Or would I have to just record the tracks seperately at different tempos?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    Adam - think about it - that would be damn hard to implement in a way so the user still had a good idea about what was going on Essentially, you\'d see one playhead pr. track - rather confusing I think. No, I dont know any sequencers which can do this.

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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    Well not really they could show the tempo of each track on that tracks line. And I have no idea what you meant by pr. Anyways thanks for the response.

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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    pr=per.... [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    There is a simple workaround for doing this in Logic. You can only have one global tempo setting. However, it is possible to lock the timing of each track\'s events after it is recorded. So what you do is, eg, record track 1 at its tempo, say 120. Then \"lock\" the smpte timing of that track. Then change global tempo to whatever you want for the next track . Record that track, lock the timing, proceed to track 3 etc

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    Cubase can also lock tracks to whatever tempo you recorded at. You have to set the track type to \'linear time base\' and then hit the lock icon. It works pretty well.

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    Re: Individual track tempo???

    Personally I like only one conductor directing my orchestra!!

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