Having constructed a Sonar CAL program that corrects pitch of the AO string instruments, I think I'd be willing to share one of them (the violin section) with anyone who also still uses that package. Works on the older library, not the new one that is advertised as pitch-corrected.

If you use sequencers other than Sonar, I have no idea whether there is a way of applying a program to midi sequences to write in pitch wheel values. All the pitch correction values are in the program itself, so they could laboriously be extracted for another program.

And, it might be too special-purpose for many. But if there are a few people who could use such a thing, please let me know (here or pm, if that works??).

It relies on the pitch bend being configured to 2 semitones (most AO instruments come with 3 semitones). The first one offered is for the AO violin section KEY patch -- correcting f, f leg, p and p leg keyswitches only, so far.

The program also offers optional correction into just intonation for any major key. It's home made, so no fancy interface.

Just let me know.