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Topic: No sound in GigaStudio 2.5

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    No sound in GigaStudio 2.5

    Hi! I\'m using Wami Rack 24 and GigaStudio 2.5 on win 2000 and I cannot get any midi sound.

    I\'ve been using the same soundcard and Giga 2.0 on win 98 without problems, but now I\'ve reinstalled my computer and I cannot play midi sounds. Although wave goes just fine.

    Can anyone help me solve my problem? I\'ve read every information I can find on the Internet today but I\'ve just given up right now and are in desperate need of help.

    I also receive a problem when starting GigaStudio. When the quicksound is refreshing the files it gets stuck on the command \"Add file to database\" and I have to cancel without a proper operation. Could this have anything to do with that I don\'t get any sound when I use Giga Studio?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: No sound in GigaStudio 2.5

    If you have a corrupt gig and load it, it may cause GS to freeze up on the loading of the instruments or it will freeze up when you try to use it. That may be one reason. Also, I have muted GS when I was listening to a wav file then I would save GS and close it. So the next time I started it the master volume would be set to 0, but the mute button would be depressed (instead of being yellow when active). This caused me some frustration until I checked that. Anyways I hope any of this helps.

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    Re: No sound in GigaStudio 2.5

    You probably have already checked all of your midi settings both inside giga and in your OS control panel. Personally, the only time I couldn\'t use my midi was when I was using Michiel Post\'s new Maple software. I set the midi to use the Maple program. The next time I entered giga and tried to play another instrument I forgot that I had changed the midi settings and the instrument of course played nothing (because it wasn\'t a Grandioso instrument). What do all of your midi settings say (ie in giga and under your control panel)?

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