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Topic: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

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    Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    In order to use GigaStudio, I recently bought Sonar 2.0. But for me, a composer of classical music, it seems very limited in notation and step input (you can\'t enter a tied duration, or a double dotted note, not to mention more complicated rhythms). So step input is rather slow and cumbersome. Also, Cakewalk offended me as well by confessing in the fine print after I purchased that you must pay $29 more to generate mp3 files after 30 days of \"trial\".

    Are there other sequencers that people are using successfully? Particulary ones with good step recording and midi editing tools?

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    Are there demos of these out? Because I would love to try all three before I make up my mind on which one to buy.

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    Sorry to have left out system info -- Windows system, WIN XP Pro with WIN 98SE backup ready if/when I hit problems from OS.

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    Have you looked at Cubase SX yet? It\'s brand new. It\'s got very good score notation as well as a nice user interface.

    I don\'t know what OS you\'re running but you might also want to look at Logic. Logic has alot of nice features for editing midi. However, as of this November they will support Mac only.

    Although I\'ve never used it, MOTU makes a sequencer called Digital Performer. I\'ve read very good things about it as well.

    Hope this helps,
    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    I\'m using SONAR for its audio and MIDI features, but I agree that notation is not its strength.

    I find it best to use Finale when I want to enter music by notation (as opposed to performance). Finale isn\'t much of a sequencer, but it will certainly let you hear what you\'ve done. Finale files can be easily imported into SONAR (or something else) for performance tweaking.

    (BTW, don\'t blame Cakewalk for the mp3 mess. Several other pieces mp3-capable software I\'ve bought have had the same post-purchase licensing scheme. I think this is done at the insistence of the original owner of the codec, who has licensed it to Cakewalk, Sonic Foundry, and others.)

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    Adam, about the demos;

    I have a demo CD of Cubase SX. (It rocks)
    Most decent music stores should have a copy of this.

    I dunno about Logic though.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: Sequencer other than Sonar with GigaStudio?

    VocalSampleSeeker, you must check out Overture 3.0 at http://geniesoft.biz/ if you want an intuitive notation/sequencer program. There\'s a trial version to download.

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