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Topic: Troubles embedding with GPulse

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    Troubles embedding with GPulse

    I'm having no luck embedding a violin sample library with Gpulse. After embedding the instrument(with no procedure errors) I get a Windows error every time I try to load the embedded instrument.

    Error Signature is:
    whenAppName: gstudio.exe AppVer:
    ModName: gpulsedecoder.dll
    ModVer: Offset: 00052017

    This is my first shot at this embedding feature offered by GP, anybody have any suggestions?

    Gigastudio Orchestra v3.3
    Windows XP Pro, SP2
    ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe
    2 GB RAM
    2x 10,000 Raptors - Samples
    System OS, GS3, Audio saved on three seperate 7200 drives.
    1x VISA card / 1x angry fiancee / 1x dog house outside, 1x warm Boston Terrier.
    Jason DeWater aka Lickety-Split
    Very busy, yet always unproductive.
    Some of my music is here:

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    Re: Troubles embedding with GPulse

    A few questions:
    Does this happen with any other gig files?
    Does this happen with any other impulse sets?
    How many instruments does the gig file have?
    Which instruments are getting encoded
    How many impulse sets are you encoding to this gig

    A few things to try:
    * During the encoding, after you drag your impulse set to
    the instrument-to-be-encoded, select the GigaPulse Instance.
    A checkbox will appear near the bottom of the dialog allowing
    you to specify 'Use GigaPulsePro' if available.
    Check this. Then encode.
    Since you have Orchestra, it will find the GPulsePro and try to
    load it (not GPulseSP aka gigapulsedecoder).
    * Try other instruments
    * Try other impulse sets
    * Contact custser@tascam.com with this and any further info
    you find.

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