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Topic: Options for Connecting Giga Output to Audio SW Input

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    Options for Connecting Giga Output to Audio SW Input

    Giga To Audio Sequencer Path Connection
    I know this topic has been covered before but I\'m still not clear on all of the aternatives, their pros and cons nad user experiences. BTW, I am a new Sonar user and my sequencer and Giga reside on the same computer.

    Goal: To provide Giga generated audio to a Sonar audio track in real-time i.e. as Sonar sends MIDI to Giga, route the resulting Giga audio back into Sonar for processing/recording.

    Solution: From my NS searches, it seems there are three possible solutions;
    1) Physically connect an audio card\'s analog/digital outputs to its digital/analog inputs.
    2) Set-up the audio card\'s loop-back (monitoring) feature whereby it internally routes \"out\" audio to \"in\" audio (my Echo Mia card does not seem to have this feature).
    3) Use a product like ReWire to connect digital audio \"out\" with \"in\" (how does ReWire actually accomplishes this?? - where does it get the Giga output from?)).

    Are there other option? What have been your experiences? Do most people simply render .WAV files from Giga and import tem into their audio SW? Can a P3 866MHz keep up with these demands? Thanks.

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    Re: Options for Connecting Giga Output to Audio SW Input

    Well, from my reading I think ReWire is not an option because the applications it rewires must be compatable (supply some SW hooks?).

    Anyone have any comments or advice on this Giga-to-AudioSW topic or is everyone rendering to a WAV file, then importing them into your audio software?


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    Re: Options for Connecting Giga Output to Audio SW Input

    Your option 1 is how I record audio in Sonar.

    I run the output from my audio card into a mixing board which then goes out to the input for my soundcard. I have my outboard reverbs and other effects patched to the mixing board. This may add more noise but I\'ve never noticed any even at high levels.

    You may want to post on the Cakewalk Forum to see how other users do this.

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