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Topic: Saving and organizing favorites

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    Saving and organizing favorites

    Hi all.

    I'm new to Giga and just recently bought a 2.5 system. Is there a common method of organizing favorite patches to 1 location. I have quite a few libraries and it's hard to remember everytime I find a patch I'd like to set aside. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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    Re: Saving and organizing favorites

    Hi Eric:

    It sounds that you are up and running with your GS. You do not give any info what your setup is. Hoping that you have a HD for ONLY your samples, and hoping that it is big enough to hold all your samples, I would load them up and store them there.
    Depending on how you are working, you can set up templets of various favored instrument combinations and save them as performance files, naming them so that you are reminded what they contain.
    Using the search feature of the program, you can find anything quick, if you are looking for a certain sound.
    I have created a bunch of files on my sample drive, and loaded them according to the instruments they contain. I have woods, brass, various string files, keyboards, percussions etc. Because I do not have too many samples, I seldom have to use the search-feature. I just look at the left-most side of the loader pane and pick the file I want, then pick from that the specific sample I am looking for.
    I hope this helps.


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    Re: Saving and organizing favorites

    I would save performance files as well. That is the chief organizing method in GigaStudio 2.x.

    I keep several very basic go-to templates of instrument combinations I like to use. Once I have customized them to a specific piece, I save another performance file to archive the new combination. Out of those, I'll save off another "generic" performance file name if I feel that I have stumbled onto a new combination that I'll want to use over and over.

    Also, with the QuickSound search feature, there is really no organization necessary. Any search term will get you immediate results, so I tend to never worry about how I organize instruments. They're never more than a half-second's keystrokes away.

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    Re: Saving and organizing favorites

    I second Bruce's comment about QuickSound. Just make a new directory for each lib and don't worry too much about organization. Use QuickSound to find your files.

    That said, you may want to edit some of your gigs to add meaningful keywords. Some developers are kind of lazy when it comes to adding those. I've never bothered doing that, but if you are an organization-gone-mad kind of person, it's a good option.


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    Re: Saving and organizing favorites

    Thank you all for the advice. Just to clarify, I have a bunch of libraries on an audio-only drive. The organization problem occurs because there are so many varieties of similar sounding patches and, as stated earlier, they are not named very creatively. Once I'm already in a template and working on a session, it's hard to remember which specific trombone patch I liked the other day, etc. I thought there might be a Windows equivalent to the Mac function of marking a file, "Important" but I only just realized that you can't view the patches individualy unless you are in the Giga program itself. Looks like I better start getting more familiar with the cryptic patch naming system. Thanks to all for the info.


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