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Topic: About to buy GPO, in need of some hardware advice.

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    About to buy GPO, in need of some hardware advice.

    I've just bought a new PC, and i'm planning on buying GPO now. I bought the PC without a soundcard, thinking i'd do some research on what i would need.

    The PC specs are:

    AMD 64 3500+
    2GB PC3200 RAM (i had planned on 1GB, but after reading here i decided to go for 2GB!)
    250GB S-ATA HD
    Nvidia Geforce 6800GT graphic card.
    Asus DVD RW
    (Yup.. i actually DID win at the lottery!)

    I don't have any music software (that isn't really old and almost useless today) so i need everything to get up and running.

    If i get the following, will i have all that is needed to use GPO as intended?
    Gigastudio or Kontakt (or the like)
    Cubase/Cakewalk (or the like)
    A good soundcard.

    I also wanted to ask about soundcard. Do you have any tips about a good soundcard that will work well with GPO/Gigastudio... as well as in other multimedia and also games.
    Not too expensive (i didn't won THAT much money) maybe up to $150-200 at the most (will that be enough?).

    I have a good digital piano that really isn't ideal for this sort of thing, it's a big furniture and without pitch-controls and the like, but it will do for the time beeing. I might get a simple 49key midicontroller, they aren't that expensive, and upgrade to something better later on.

    I've done some reading trying to figure out everything, and i think i've got it covered i just wanted to make sure... it IS a lot of money to part with!

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    Re: About to buy GPO, in need of some hardware advice.

    Sounds like you've got one heck of a PC going there.

    Here's my suggestions...

    Don't worry with anything but GPO at this point. Included with GPO is everything you will need to run it. This will save you some money up front. Also, GPO will not run inside Gigastudio anyway, however they can be used at the same time. Most GPO users go the Kontakt route, since Gigastudio can be used inside Kontakt with other sample libraries. But like I said, it is not necessary (at this time) to purchase anything but GPO since in the box is a sequencer, notation program, a reverb plug in, GPO Studio, and the Kontakt Player. That is all you need to get started and its right there on the CD's. If later you want to step up and get a full blown sequencer you'll have that option. I wouldn't worry about it right now, unless you 'want to.'

    As for the sound card. I highly recommend the M-Audio products. If you can find it, the Audiophile 24/96 is a great pro-sumer card and can be found for near nothing ($79.00 US). They're replaced it with a new model and it runs about double that. I highly recommend their products as I've had great success running it with all kinds of audio applications. Also, if you're looking for a decent keyboard, I'll recommend their Radium 49 too. I have it and the assignable knobs and sliders come in handy. The only problem I have is that the keys are more 'organny' and aren't meant for playing piano.

    Whew. Hope all that mess helps.

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    Re: About to buy GPO, in need of some hardware advice.

    Whoa, fast reply!
    Thanks JB, that's exactly what i wanted to know. I didn't know that GPO came with all theese software you needed, be it "lite" versions. That's great, as you say i can get started and try it out first before deciding where to go.

    I'll have a look at that soundcard, and the keyboard too... it doesn't matter that much if it isn't good for piano. I can always use my digital piano for pianoparts.

    Thanks again,


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    Re: About to buy GPO, in need of some hardware advice.

    I agree with Joseph.

    One other important thing to know if you decide to buy GigaStudio in the future. GigaStudio is written in kernel mode which means it doesn't play nicely with other software. Tascam has taken a shortcut here to get better performance against Microsoft's software developing guidelines. Writing in kernel mode bypasses all safeguards built into Windows. When Giga crashes it takes down the whole PC and you must reboot. It is best to install Giga on its own dedicated machine.

    Properly written programs such as Kontakt usually don't usually totally crash the PC. The downside is that the disk streaming performance is not quite as good Giga.

    BTW, I'm one of the users that still can't Giga 3.0 to work for over a half hour before it crashes and its installed on its own separate machine. Maybe one day they'll get this bug worked out.

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