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Topic: multiple instance question

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    multiple instance question

    Can I open more than 1 instance of Kontakt on the 2nd computer if I open another Sonar there and use the Dxi application of it. I have mol.Or is it stand alone only.

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    Re: multiple instance question

    You have to copy the program and rename it. But I haven\'t figured out a way to get the two to see separate MIDI ports.

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    Re: multiple instance question

    Thanks Nick- I\'ll start working that direction.
    I have opened Kompakt and Kontakt together in standalone on comp 2 (with a layla 20 soundcard) where the audio out ports are 1/2 and 3/4 resp.and the inputs on midi (in the apps) are lan 00 and lan 01. They play thru Sonar on comp 1 properly ( Mia on comp 1 )If I can copy and rename Kontakt ok I think I\'ll have it. If I get it I\'ll report back.

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    Re: multiple instance question

    It worked. I called it copy of Kontakt and set in Kontakt midi setup either lan 00 or lan 01 for each one and layla out for both. In the audio routing one is 1/2 and the other 3/4.

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    Re: multiple instance question

    I use FXTeleport to open multiple instances of Kontakt on my 2nd computer plus you don\'t need a MIDI interface or soundcard on the 2nd machine.

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