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Topic: Kontakt 1.2 DFD much more efficient as VSTI

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    Kontakt 1.2 DFD much more efficient as VSTI


    I just thought I would post my findings on Kontakt 1.2 DFD. I just finished using it as a
    VSTI in Cubasis VST (Mac) v. 2.0 with the Steinway B and various other Giga samples. I\'ve noticed that it runs much more efficiently as a VST I than it does in Digital Performer using MAS.

    The CPU performance under VST instrument
    in Cubasis was about 30% with the polyphony set between 64 and 80 voices. In DP the same sample with the same polyphony was between 60 and 70%. I realize that the meters may be inconsistent between the two apps,
    but it appears to run much smoother as a VSTI.

    I also noticed the phasing on the Steinway B,
    so maybe if I go in and delete those duplicate layers I can even get more polyphony. I also noticed that the meter seemed much more
    consistent and didn\'t spike the way it seemed to in DP.

    I hope this helps.


    PS. I\'m using a Dual 533 G4 with 1.25 GB
    of Ram, DP 3.11, OS 9.22, Cubasis VST 2.0.

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    Re: Kontakt 1.2 DFD much more efficient as VSTI

    Are you not getting any cpu spikes in either MAS or as a VSTi? If not, then what extentions do you have loaded. Perhaps there is a conflict there. It could also be the motherboard too. I am on a Quicksilver 2002 g4 800mhz, DP3.11, OS 9.22. Another possible factor that I haven\'t investigated yet is the audio card and driver. What are you using there?

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    Re: Kontakt 1.2 DFD much more efficient as VSTI


    Yes, I\'m getting intermittent spikes in DP 3.11
    using Kontakt 1.2 DFD as MAS. this maybe just considered a buffer underrun as stated by the NI moderator on the NI Kontakt forum.

    When I run as a VSTI in Cubasis I haven\'t noticed any spikes and the processor stays
    consistently around 30% in Cubasis.

    My soundcard and audio interface in both cases is the MOTU 2408 MK II/PCI-324.

    the other thing I noticed: In DP I have about 600 MB of RAM allocated to DP, and in Cubasis I have about 300 MB. This was for the same sample (Steinway B-GIGA). I will try some lower RAM settings for DP later today to see if this makes any difference.


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