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Topic: GPO & SB Live

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    GPO & SB Live

    My question is:
    Is it possible: P4-1,4GHz+512 RAM+LB Live+GPO and Finale.
    Mostly I interested about SB Live possibilities.

    **Rimas G.

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    Re: GPO & SB Live

    To answer this, I used GPO quite succesfully with an SB Live card 1 year ago. It performed well. The only reason why I don't do this now is that I built a new PC and went ahead and upgraded to a semi-pro audio card. I don't think there's any reason why you won't get pretty good performance out of GPO with an SB Live card. The latency and buffers will affect the amount of instruments you can use without issue, but I was able to get a pretty moderate amount of mileage out of my old PC (P3 1 Ghz, 512 MB RAM, SB Live.)

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    Re: GPO & SB Live

    Many thanks!
    I understand.

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    Re: GPO & SB Live

    I'm also using an SB Live with Finale and GPO, and get very good sound with it. The higher latency is mostly noticeable playing the keyboard. Adjusting the buffer down helps with the keyboard, then bring it back up for playback.

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    Re: GPO & SB Live

    If you can POSSIBLY spring for more RAM, do it, you will be pleased. Even taking my laptop from 500 Mb to 768 Mb made a huge difference. If it's a desktop you're talking about, see if you can't get it up to 1 Gig of RAM. You won't be disappointed, especially if you plan on using the Steinway (220 or so Mb by itself).
    Kevin B. Selby
    http://kevinselby.com <-- Public site
    http://kevinselby.com/gpo <--My music catalog FREE to GPO users: username: gpo - pword: garritan

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    Re: GPO & SB Live

    I'm using an SBLive, 512MB ram, AMD XP2000+ along with Cakewalk Home Studio2, GPO Studio.

    To play a Keyboard in "REAL TIME" (Hit key now, hear sound at same time, not 10 seconds later) I have to run ASIO4ALL. Works well, sounds good.

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