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Topic: Gigapuse for mixing

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    Gigapuse for mixing

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible to use Gigapulse as a plug-in effect only, i.e. for mixing, in the version included in GS3 Orchestra.

    I don't know if we can only use it in real time while playing with instruments or if there is the option of capturing those instruments dry and them mix them altogether with it


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    Re: Gigapuse for mixing

    Yes, supposedly with a working gsif/2 audio card, any audio input can go to gigastudio and be run through gigapulse then back out. Can't say I've tested it, because it doesn't help my way of working, but the basic in/out works on my system (m-audio 24/96 with updated driver).

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    Re: Gigapuse for mixing

    Yes, I can confirm GigaPulse will accept external sound source for mixing. I'm using the RME 96/32 and am using one of the ADAT inputs to bring audio from an external audio interface for processing with GigaPulse.

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    Re: Gigapuse for mixing

    Thks for the replies... but how can you do that?

    I am for example using a Pulsar 2 audio card, which is Gsif 2 compatible... I can route Giga patches through the I/Os in cubase but I can't apply its reverb to other VST patches, so I am wondering how this could be done with Gigapulse, after all it might be the same principle...

    Thks in advance,

    All the best,


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